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Jessica Lang is a water healer. She was born with a “healing gift” that enables her to use the energy of water to heal illnesses ranging from cancer to depression and rheumatoid arthritis. That’s the claim of Jessica and her clients, many of whom are so convinced that Jessica’s gift has transformed or saved their lives that they have gone public to describe their experiences in her recently released book, Deo Volente. During a visit to Dubai, Jessica spoke to Tamara Pitelen about her life and healing gift.

For five years, acute rheumatoid arthritis had made life increasingly difficult and painful for Dutch filmmaker Hetty Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich.

Her first symptoms appeared in 2005 but by 2006 her condition was chronic.

Soon, Hetty was in a wheelchair and could only drive a specially adapted car. By the time she had her first appointment with water healer Jessica Lang, she couldn’t turn her head and all the joints in her wrists, arms and legs were painfully inflamed. Despite seeking out all kinds of traditional treatment, her condition continued to deteriorate. A colleague urged Hetty to visit Jessica so she made an appointment and that first session lasted nine hours. From that day on, her recovery was miraculous.

“With Hetty,” Jessica says, “I saw a very big black ball of negativity in her back, the size of a basketball.”

A water healing session with Jessica takes place in a bathroom because first the client is washed with specially prepared water and they must also drink this water in order to be cleansed inside and out to prepare for the healing work to come. (In case you’re wondering, no, the client is not naked, they are either in clothes that they don’t mind getting wet or in a bathing suit.)

The water is just ordinary water from a tap but Jessica prepares it for the client. Water, she says, has its own intelligence and there is something about her, her energy, that facilitates the water to change its molecular structure in order to become whatever that particular client needs for healing. Sometimes this process takes a couple of minutes, sometimes a couple of hours but she always knows when the water is “ready”.

“When I am in contact with water, the water changes. The water becomes what the person coming to me needs it to be. Water lives; all water lives. Water is energy and I use the energy in the water.”


With Hetty, the water cleansing was followed by spiritual surgery to remove the black ball of negativity that was attached to her spine.

“When I do an operation, I open the energetic body and pull out whatever needs to be removed. Hetty actually cried out when the ball was pulled out…”

“Yes,” said Hetty. “Even though I couldn’t see what she was doing. I felt it in my whole spinal column; something releasing. And it felt like she was pulling something out of my lower back.”

Today, Hetty walks normally and is free of the condition that was crippling her.

A typical healing session with Jessica lasts a minimum of four hours although it can go for much longer. Once, she treated someone for a total of 34 hours… non-stop. In that time, she did not even stop for food although there were toilet breaks.

“Because when I begin, I cannot stop. Time stands still for me, I am not occupied by human time when I am healing. I do not need to eat or drink or sleep and yet I feel energised.”


Now aged 40, Jessica has had this “healing gift” for as long as she can remember. It took her a while to realise that she was able to see and feel things that other people could not.

“When I was six, I walked into the kitchen to my mother. I knew she had a headache without her telling me. I said to her, ‘I will take it’ and I put my hands on her head and it was gone.”

A couple of years later, at age eight, Jessica remembers healing an aunt who couldn’t walk properly, due to a lot of pain in her legs and knees.

“She came to our house and I said, ‘I see so much black in your knees, I can’t take it out.” So I did. The adults just humoured me because to them I was a child playing games but I could see black spaghetti in her knees and I could pull it out. I could see it and touch it like it was real. The same as anyone can pick up a pen from the table, I could reach out and touch this black substance. Then I said, ‘I need to place my hands on your knees,’ so I sat there for a while, I don’t know how long, with my hands on her knees until I said, ‘ok, you can walk now, you will not have any pain,’ and I was annoyed that she just sat there because no one believed me, ‘stop bothering your aunt’, they said. She realised later though.”


Jessica says she has not yet met someone she cannot help heal. Conditions from chronic physical diseases like cancer, heart disease and arthritis to mental illness such as depression, anxiety, anger, insomnia, and so on.

One example, which is told in her recently released book entitled Deo Valente (‘God willing’ in Latin), is written by a woman who had a brain tumour when she came to see Jessica. The tumour was growing and causing her to black out and fall over several times a day.

“When I saw her, I knew the tumour was malignant,” Jessica said. “I removed it with spiritual surgery and an MRI scan a few weeks later showed it had shrunk. That was four years ago, she is now fine and symptom-free with no more black-outs.”

Another client, who has also written about her healing with Jessica in Deo Volente, had a 20cm wound on her shin for four years that would not heal. She would have to rebandage it two to three times a day.

After a session with Jessican, it healed in three weeks.


According to Jessica, the source of all illness and dis-ease is negativity. This, of course, is a big word that covers a multitude of very different emotions and experiences; all of which come down to different vibrations of energy.

Every situation and experience in life has both positive and negative aspects. How a person chooses to view something reflects their inner world, Jessica says. “Many people choose to focus on the negative, in this way you are asking for more negativity in your life.”


Jessica Lang is based in The Netherlands but is an occasional visitor to Dubai. Her book, Deo Volente, comprises testimonials from 31 clients, who describe in their own words the healing they experienced with Jessica. The book is available in Dutch and the translations in English, Arabic, Indonesian and French will soon be available. Deo Volente can be purchased online at and

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