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Every year, thousands of people make the trip to a small town in rural Brazil to visit John of God, a man who’s said to do miraculous healings. In 2014, Natasha Tome was one of those visitors, here she describes the experience.

In a small town in central rural Brazil, there lives a man of humble origins who has healed many thousands of people over the last 38 years from the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola. Now aged 73 (as of 2014), he’s been visited by all and sundry, from the poorest in Brazil who travel over 30 hours by bus to see him, to the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dwyer and Shirley MacLaine. While it may sound like a fairy tale, Medium João Teixeira de Faria, commonly known as Medium João, is a full trance medium that incorporates ascended beings of the light into his body for the healing of others. These beings of light were once incarnated as human doctors, surgeons, and healers and have now taken up the task to offer healing on earth during our lifetime.

As I sit here in the serene and tranquil Casa garden writing this article, I reflect on my healing path and how it has brought me here to this tiny town in Brazil.

I had been exploring energy healing modalities for years while living in Europe, Asia and the Middle East
when my path took me to Dubai-based healers Terri Allen and Buddy Abrahams (official Casa guides). They introduced me to a spiritual hospital in the Brazilian town of Abadiânia where I could clear myself energetically of old emotions, hurts, anger, grief, resentment, as well as any physical ailments. Many believe that old stuck emotions can manifest into physical ailments and illnesses if left to fester. Something inside of me clicked when Terri explained the Casa to me and Medium João’s work there. I wanted a clean, clear aura! I didn’t want to carry emotional baggage with me for the rest of my life. Added to that was an annoying physical injury from a fall I had taken the year earlier. A left foot and right elbow that were stubbornly refusing to heal. I was ready, willing and able to experience my own divine healing.


While it is not necessary to go to the Casa with guides, it is recommended for first timers. I first went in August 2013 with Terri and Buddy as my guides and then on my own in July 2014. My first visit to the Casa healed me of my physical ailments so on the next visit I requested an emotional healing and clearing.

Medium João is in attendance at the Casa from Wednesday to Friday so I arrived Tuesday afternoon at my Pousada (inn), a peaceful oasis painted in lilac and white, with an inner courtyard garden with fountain and koi pond. The rooms are basic but adequate and you get three meals per day. I nipped over to the Casa bookshop to buy a supply of bottled water blessed by the entities, which greatly assists with your healing. A quiet dinner and early to bed with excited anticipation of the next day.

Rising early to the sounds of crowing roosters and chirping birds, I joined the many other white-clad people walking to the Casa. The entities request that everyone wear white so that auras are easily seen.

There were easily hundreds of white- clad people milling around waiting to see Medium João and the incorporated entity that day. I heard snatches of conversations in English, German, French, Italian and
of course Portuguese. After standing in the translation line to get my requests translated into Portuguese by a Casa volunteer (Medium João only speaks Portuguese), we then waited for our respective lines to be called. Lines for first timers, for repeat visitors, for interventions or revisions, every single person would be seen that day with remarkable organisation. There were people there in wheelchairs, on crutches, children, some sitting fervently in prayer, some laughing in the sunshine with friends, but all with a palpable vibe of hope and faith in the divine healing to come.


The Casa grounds, painted in sky blue and white as dictated years ago by its patron saint, Dom Inácio de Loyola. The grounds include a bookshop where you’ll find several books on healing, healing crystals blessed by the entities, statues, photos, and even t-shirts and bags.

A small café sells delicious Brazilian delicacies, fresh coconut water and juices and hot drinks. There are meditation grounds overlooking a beautiful vista of rolling hills and valleys. You feel far removed from the ‘real’ world of worries and stresses while at the Casa. The soup kitchen at the Casa serves free healing soup to hundreds each day of the Casa operation and not far from there are the crystal bed rooms where you can sign up for 20 minute intervals on these healing chromotherapy beds.

There are also several places of prayer throughout, with triangles (the symbol of the Casa; representing faith, love and charity) for loved ones to place requests, pictures and prayers for those unable to travel to the Casa. The Entity will receive all requests from these triangles and bless them all.


As my line shuffled forward to Medium João sitting on his chair, we passed through the current rooms where volunteers sat for their own healing and also to help hold the energy for João and the incorporated Entity. He sat beside several four-foot high crystals emanating light. As I approached him, nervous, my heart in my throat, I remembered the guidance to look in his eyes as my translator spoke to João in rapid Portuguese with my requests. João took my hand in his soft hand and as I gazed into his eyes (blue that day, for they are known to change according to whichever Entity is incorporated), I felt he was looking inside me, to my soul, with such love and compassion. He gazed at me for mere seconds, which passed in a daze for me, and muttered something in Portuguese to my translator as he guided me by hand past him. Spiritual intervention that afternoon he had prescribed!

Each person’s case is individual and the Entity might ask you to come back later in the day to visit with a different Entity who specialises in your specific issue, or you may be scheduled for a spiritual intervention, a session on the crystal bed, a visit to the sacred waterfall, passiflora herbs, meditation in the current, or whatever the divine deems you require at that moment in time.

I returned back that afternoon as requested at 2pm and the intervention line was the first one called. We were brought inside to a healing room to sit in meditation with eyes closed and our hands on our hearts or on the location of where you wanted the most healing. Casa volunteers explained that the entities can work on up to nine issues at once, all you had to do as you sat there was mentally ask. We sat quietly for about 45 minutes feeling waves of energy flowing through me and around me. Lost in my thoughts of what I wanted healed, I heard the deep tones of Medium João’s voice in the room blessing us all and then we were escorted out for the briefing. This was my third spiritual intervention so I knew the drill of immediate bed rest for the next 24 hours, no sun, no physical exertion, and other requirements for the next eight days. First timers would have those restrictions for 40 days.

Medium João often says he can do 60 per cent of the healing work, and the rest is up to the individual so it was very important that we follow the guidelines given.


As I lay in my room at the Pousada during my ordered 24-hour bed rest, I felt energy and pressure flowing and moving into and throughout my body. Through my abdomen, my head, my ears, my arms and legs. While I had requested healing for three specific issues, I felt the work being done throughout my whole body. Drifting in and out of sleep, at times having a good cry, journaling thoughts and emotions I was releasing, after the 24 hours was up, I felt cleaner, lighter, brighter and renewed. I felt like I was glowing from within. Physically I saw that my eyes were brighter, my skin fresher and smoother, and emotionally I felt like all emotions and thoughts that I’d been holding onto that were not for my highest good had been pulled out of me and transmuted into nothingness. I was full of life plans and actions steps that I was eager to start on.

The next day I headed early to the Casa to sit in the current room. While we sit there to help hold the energy and vibration for the divine healing work being done on our earthly plane, it is also a time when a phalange of entities work the room and heal those walking through, as well as those sitting there.

After each current session, I felt amazing. My mood was uplifted, I felt love and compassion for everyone, I didn’t judge and I felt benevolence for everyone and everything. I feel like I have had a profound spiritual awakening.


On my last night in Abadiânia, I spoke with an American woman at my Pousada who had come to Brazil with breast cancer. Diagnosed in September 2013, she did not want surgery nor radiation or chemotherapy. Her medical doctor called her daily advising her to get surgery or she will die. Instead she went to a naturopath who suggested it was an emotional block and perhaps she should go to Brazil to visit Medium João at the Casa. Two spiritual interventions later and another one during the night in her room, she told me she physically felt scalpels cutting into her breast, to her lymph node. She felt the pain, the heat, of work being done.

There are many books written about Medium João and the successful healings he has orchestrated over the years but nothing can replace the awe of being at the Casa in person, feeling the energy, watching crutches being thrown aside as a person feebly makes their first unaided step, watching crying children immediately fall asleep after sipping blessed water while waiting in the lines, and just feeling the divine love and compassion pouring out of Medium João himself. A man who has devoted his life to being a vehicle of healing for others. As he often says, “I do not cure anybody. God is the one who cures.”



The official website of the Casa

Dubai-based Casa guides Terri and Buddy Abrahams

NATASHA TOME is an Atlantean Energy Healing practitioner and freelance writer based in Dubai, UAE.


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