Hands in Hope Meditation Centre

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By lightly touching and laying-on of hands Barbara Jackle connects with her clients. The energy begins to flow. Many clients perceive this energy as a tingling sensation or comfortable warmth. Also many people experience a feeling of lightness, security and relaxation. Also some may feel tired after finishing the session.

Barbara’s energy also works for healthy people, they feel more fit, efficient and can feel positive differences.

Originally from Germany, in Barbara’s family, channelling abilities have been widespread for generations. “I got my abilities as a gift and I learned to live with this precious gift in order to excel the way of supporting people throughout my grandmother’s capacities. Her straight and honest appeal has always inspired and sensitized me.”

Barbara’s work is based on the principle of confidentiality and loyalty with regards to clients. Every word and action will be treated as highly confidential.

Mobile:   055 111 0262
Tel.:         04 351 7901
Fax.:        04 351 7902
Address: 2nd floor – Office 214, Jumeirah Terrace Building, Jumeirah 1
P.O. Box 75590 Dubai, UAE
Email Address info@hands-in-hope.com
Phone number +971 (0)4 351 7901
Address 2nd floor – Office 214, Jumeirah Terrace Building, Jumeirah 1