Healing power of Chinese Energetics


An ancient energy healing technique known as Chinese Energetics views humans as bio-computers that can be healed by accessing the nervous system to clear energetic blocks. Words by Tamara Pitelen.

Chinese Energetics is an energy healing technique developed over thousands of years in the ancient Shaolin Temple in China. However, it’s only in the last 20 years that the Buddhist monks of Shaolin brought this knowledge to the rest of the world.

Simply put, Chinese Energetics addresses energetic trauma, beliefs and emotions stored in the nervous system so that physical and mental pain is eliminated and life goals can be realised. It’s a technique for finding the root cause of any life issue and to remove the sabotages that hold us back in life, thus optimising all aspects of life.

The premise of Chinese Energetics is that humans are multi-faceted beings with six levels of consciousness, namely physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, and psychological. The technique works to bring all levels of consciousness into balance. It does this through a combination of anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic technique, quantum physics and Qi and Shen Gong Training.


Yazan Rahman is a UAE-based Chinese Energetics practitioner. He says the modality works at the “foundation of where the spirit meets the human body”.

“I’m a life transformation expert at an energetic level. My focus is on life- changing shifts, changing deep rooted patterns, beliefs and transmuting them into a joyful, flowing, happy and fulfilled person.”

“We’re not only working on human beings, we’re also working on situations, on relationships,
on energies in the matrix relating to karma, ancestral limitations… basically I work to realign the energetic matrix. Suddenly things get resolved, in the end it’s all energy.”

Chinese Energetics views human beings as bio computers. The human brain and the central nervous system work together like a computer system and the belief is that pain arises when accumulation of too many unneeded programs slows down our computer system and causes energy congestion. Pain is just a sign that something is wrong with the flow of energy in the body.

“We have what we call the leading life supports,” Yazan says. “Almost everything will fall into one of six categories, namely health, finances, fitness, relationships, career and life purpose, and time/less ageing.”

According to Yazan, all of these six leading life supports are affected on the physical, mental, emotional, psychic, psychological and spiritual levels. And they’re all interconnected into these levels.

“So if you ask me, ‘what do you treat in 70 per cent of the cases that come to you?’ I’ll tell you it’s issues related to the psychic body, which some people call the etheric body or the energy field.

“In Chinese Energetics they’ve identified this as a body or a sphere of consciousness and through our human history, the psychic body has been completely invaded through tribal norms, ancestral norms, societal norms and rules, family and church programming, and so on. The psychic body is very thin yet it’s extremely powerful. Through the generations, people have become unaware of its existence but it’s like the hole in the ozone layer, it affects everything else including our mental, emotional and physical states. Yet entire societies are set up without the psychic body being identified so with a client we first have to bring awareness of their psychic body. Often the psychic body is completely permeable so we have to strengthen it, make it impermeable and treat the issue in it.”


As far as the kind of success stories Yazan has had with clients, he gives the example of a woman in Dubai who has her own fitness centre for women.

“She’s brilliant and very creative, an entrepreneur but she was having a difficult time managing her all female team of staff. She thought it was because she was just being too nice to them but that was not the case. When I looked into it, I saw that she had been psychically invaded by her mother while growing up.

“Yes, her mum was verbally abusive, that’s what we would say in psychology, but that’s just on the surface. So although she hasn’t spoken to her mother in years, she was walking around with that psychic imprint in her psychic body. That had to be cleansed. Once that’s cleansed, it’s healed for her and for her mum. It’s not only healed for the two of them because, remember, we’re multi-dimensional beings. You don’t know how many others in the soul family are involved, or if she goes on to have a daughter. So it’s a massive release and she felt an immediate shift in how her team related to her.”


When a new client comes to Yazan for help with a problem in their life, the first thing he does is ask them to write him an email bullet-pointing the issues. From this, he analyses the language to find the areas of weakness.

“The key is the language, it provides clues to the subconscious but even if someone doesn’t speak we can still work on them with intuition.

“From there, the process is that, intuitively, I find out which are the three weakest out of the six leading life supports. I would keep that to myself initially because they might not be what the client thinks they are. For me, the leading weakness energetically might appear to career and life purpose but the client is coming to me because of emotional problems with her mum. Often the root of your problem is not what you think it is.

“The weakest words energetically are what we begin working on and as we do we make energetic corrections in the brain, subconscious and the spine. I do that with my intention. For this, I merge Chinese Energetics, Angelic Healing, and Shamanism. I work with three powerful angels who I bring into the healing. I also use vibrational frequency to dissolve heavy energy. That is all guided; I don’t decide what to do.”

To book an appointment with Yazan, email: yazanpower1@gmail.com. For more information, go to his website at www.yazanpower.com


Tamara Pitelen goes guinea pig when she sits down with Yazan for a Chinese Energetics healing session.

“I told Yazan that I wanted to work on making my business more profitable and bring my financial struggles to an end. In addition, I wanted to stop struggling to lose weight (there’s that word again – ‘struggle’) and I wanted some clarity on certain health issues, eg, why I have such an abnormally low blood pressure and metabolic rate.

Yazan immediately picked up the word ‘struggle’. This is what he said: “So ‘struggling’ is the weakest word from everything you’ve said. This is coming from your family, your father’s ancestors. This is from your ancestors’ karma of making others struggle and slog, so business owners and landowners, indentured servitude, slavery… so we’re going to resolve that for you, for your ancestors, and all the people on the receiving end.

“Let’s strengthen you to delete all experiences of struggling in this life, past lives, all lives and all the effects its had on you… lets resolve the karma between you and your dad and his karma with you and his family, with him and his mum. Let’s release the excess mental energy and control, his wanting to control the outcome and the money, having enough money, not having enough money, all the beliefs you’ve inherited from your family, from your father. He’s coming in very strongly around the issue of money so let’s resolve his karma with money, all the people he owes money, and the psychic energy that may have seeped to you, your siblings, your mother and your family, around what is owed, debts, karmic debts, not necessarily money. Let’s resolve that, let’s ask Archangel Michael to unplug you and uncord you from your dad, first in the mind area, that’s an unhooking, let’s resolve this for the whole family, give a command to release and let go, forgive and forget…”

That was just the start of it. I was impressed that Yazan immediately intuited that my issues stemmed from a father figure – it turned out to be my stepfather, not my birth father, with whom the problems lay. No surprise to me. That was revealed later on in the session that all up took about an hour. The session also included some sound healing and I felt like I was being held in a bubble of something lovely. The other thing was that at one point, Yazan asked that people, information, situations flow into my life that could help me find answers to my questions. A few weeks later, I was at a conference where I happened to meet a doctor who specialises in thyroid conditions. He took one look at me and said, ‘Sit down, I’m going to tell you what’s wrong with you…’ To cut a long story short, he told me I had mild hypothyroidism the result of being born with a defective thyroid gene. Subsequent tests proved him right and so at last I have some answers as to why I’ve been dogged by certain health and mental issues for most of my life that nothing seemed to fix. Coincidence? I don’t know. As for my business cash flow, I can’t say the money is tumbling in yet but it’s improved slightly. Watch this space.


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