Beginner’s guide to cord cutting


Is there a person, trauma or memory you just can’t let go of? Maybe you need a cord cutting. Awakenings magazine sat down with intuitive energy healer Seda Goksel to get a lesson in cords and cutting them. Words by Tamara Pitelen.

Even the most non-spiritual person can usually accept the idea that humans form attachments to each other. The ‘ties that bind’, ‘tying the knot’ or the ‘bonds of love’ are old terms used to describe these types of emotional connections.

Whether it’s your friends, siblings, parents, or children, we all create emotional or energetic connections to others and many believe this doesn’t only happen between people but that we also create connections to animals, habits, emotional patterns, money, belief systems, and so on.

While it’s natural to form these attachments, it’s not always in your best interest, says Seda Goksel, Dubai-based Hypnotherapist and intuitive Energy Healer.

“Cords to and from others drain their energy and ours. Detach those cords and people can again take responsibility for their lives and use their energy for their own growth and evolvement. Cutting cords enhances our relationships and brings more happiness into our lives.”

Are these cords real things that can’t be seen with the naked eye or are they metaphorical cords that just exist in our minds? That depends on your belief system but in fact it doesn’t really matter whether you think they’re real or not. Whether you believe it’s an imagined connection or a real attachment, cutting these cords can be beneficial and it’s a technique that clinical hypnotherapists often use to free a person from a disturbing memory.

So, what’s it all about? Awakenings magazine asked Seda to give us an introduction for beginners.

Let’s start with the basics; what are energetic cords or attachments?
SG: “When I see cords on a client, they can appear in different forms. Sometimes I see them as a rope, sometimes I see them as pins stuck in people or perhaps a sword in someone’s heart because they have had their heart broken. The sword is attached to a cord from the other person. I’ve also seen attachments appear as leeches or splinters on people. There are two kinds of cords, those that others have attached to you and those that you have attached to others.”

Do we only have these cords between important people in our lives?
“No, an energetic cord is automatically formed with every person or situation in your life, even people sitting next to you in a cafe. I believe we also have cords with past lives partners, memories and traumas. For example, let’s say you can’t move forward in life because when you were young you were left traumatised by a very bad car accident so now whenever you get into a car to drive somewhere you get this sense of anxiety or a panic attack but you’re not sure why. It’s a cord to the trauma.
“Even with relationships, say you’ve been in a relationship and this former partner used to emotionally abuse you. Now, every time you get in a relationship you put a wall up because you are afraid that the next person will do the same thing. This is because you have cords attached to these past relationships so what we do is cut all the negative cords so you can move forward. Cutting cords is basically helping you move forward.”

So basically, we’re all absolutely covered in energetic cords to all sorts of situations and people?
“Yes and you have positive cords and negative cords so when we do a cord cutting we only cut away the negative cords. I believe that some people have attachments because they need to learn a lesson in this life so when I do cord cutting I ask that only those cords be cut that do not serve you in your highest good, in other words I let God decide what goes and what stays.”

Can you describe how these negatives cords effect us?
“The attachment is holding you back. Imagine that someone has put a ball and chain around your ankle, would you be able to move forward with ease? No, it’s the same with energetic cords. Or maybe your hands are tied but your feet are free so you are still moving but you get the sense of being limited. If I see the attachments as leeches sucking your blood that shows me that your energy is being drained.”

Does it ever go wrong?
“It can’t really go wrong although I did have a client who came to me for a cord cutting and the next day he texted that he had to see me urgently because after the cord cutting he’d had lower back pain that was so intense he couldn’t sleep. So he came to me for Reiki and I saw that we hadn’t healed the area where the cord had been cut so I gave him Reiki healing and after that he was fine. So it’s very important to heal where the cords are cut.”

But surely there are millions of people who go through life never getting any cords cut? They don’t seem any worse off than those who do. Can cords be cut naturally without any effort?
“Yes, if you’re doing any of the hundreds of healing modalities available – from counseling to hypnotherapy, Reiki… even just a good cry with a close friend, that can also break off attachments that no longer serve you. But if someone never does anything to get rid of whatever issue is holding them back, then they can spend their lives repeating the same patterns and getting ever more bitter because they don’t understand why they can’t find a partner, or never get promoted, or can’t stand up to a bully in their life, whatever it is.”

So you want to try cord cutting? There are many approaches that fall into two categories, Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional. You can get someone else to do it for you, for example, a hypnotherapist or an energy healer who practices a modality like Theta Healing, Reiki, or Spiritual Response Therapy. To find a therapist in the UAE, see the Listings directory in the back pages of this magazine or go to the Holistic Directory at
To make an appointment with Seda Goksel, email
For the DIY approach, here are some suggestions:
Guided meditation: Go to and search ‘cord cutting meditation’. There are countless videos that will guide you through the process. Play a few till you find one you like.
DIY cord cutting: If you’d like to try it yourself, here is a summary of the process as described by Clinical Hypnotherapist Katherine Zimmerman (

* Get relaxed and turn your attention inward or drop into a state of hypnosis
* Imagine standing behind your body
* See or feel a “cord/s” running into your body along the back
* Trace the cord to its source. Who or what is at the other end?
* If you have anything to say to this person, express yourself fully.
* When the dialogue is complete, pull the cord out of you and the other person/event and
send the person/event away.
* Dispose of the cord (burn it, bury it, send it to the sun)
* Fill in the opening where the “cord” was attached to you with a colour that feels good.
* Imagine standing in front of your body and repeat the sequence.
* Notice how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Imagine yourself in the
future. What is possible now that hasn’t been possible before?